HOF Saturday

We left the Airbnb at 6 AM and returned after 9 PM. A full day.

First we left 6 chairs at the induction site to claim a spot for Sunday. Then it was into town to find parking and the Hall itself.

We had been tardy getting out the door so were not there for the start of members time in the Hall. But it was still before the regular opening and very uncrowded.

Ichiro’s shoes and ball from his inside the park home run at an All Star game.

Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame Locker

The Man of the moment

Next up we walked to a CVS to get more chairs for the parade. Just 3 this time, and carried them back into downtown, picked a location and set up shop. And left the chairs for the parade in the evening.

By this time we were rather hungry and got in line for breakfast at the Cooperstown Diner. It’s a rather small diner. As a group would leave, the next world enter, based on the space currently available. We were 6, but arrived in 2 groups of 3. There were 4 seats at the table for us, so a Yankee fan, in town from near Albany, joined our table. It was fun talking with him, and comparing stories.

After breakfast I decided I really wanted to know where the car was parked. Silly as that may sound, we had not taken down the address, there are some streets that join at odd angles, and I didn’t want to waste time after the parade wandering around looking for the car. Carl and I set off down the most likely road. I definitely recognized some houses and trees, but when we reached the CVS store we knew we had gone too far. Realizing that we really didn’t have a clear picture of the car we were looking for, we figured we had just walked right by. Not wanting to waste the walk, we picked up an umbrella and some trail mix before resuming the search for the car. With our eyes peeled for a Massachusetts license plate we finally located the car, gathered much of our belongings from the car and headed back into the gathering throngs.

We went to Doubleday Field, along with other fans to listen to some writers and announcers talk about their entry into the Hall of Fame, a second group talk about the 37 baseball players and owners who served in WWII, and finally a panel of Mariners to talk about Edgar Martinez.

Tom Hutlyer, Mariner PA Announcer, Ken Griffey Jr., Jamie Moyer, Dan Wilson, Jay Buhner, Rick Griffen – trainer, Alvin Davis, Mike Cameron and Rick Rizz – announcer.

Ken Griffey Jr. was a surprise not advertised and Mike Cameron was waved in after they started talking.

We spotted many friends and acquaintances in the crowd. And the number of Seattle fans in attendance seems to have surpassed everyone’s expectations. Rumor has it that the Hall ran out of Edgar tshirts and only generic Mariner shirts were available.

More wandering with the throng, meeting baseball fans from all over, and finally back to our parade chairs.

The weather was humid and hot, and threatening rain. We felt one or two drops, but no more. The parade consists of a line of trucks, each carrying a Hall of Fame winner, with this year’s inductees at the end. Somebody made the decision that the weather could get wet, so the HOFers road inside the truck cab, instead of in the bed. The visuals were sub-par. I was ready to take pictures, but the only good one I got was of Johnny Bench, who got out of the truck and walked. The picture is on Carl’s camera.

Dinner at an Italian restaurant in Cobleskill and home to bed.

Not quite as early a start tomorrow.

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