Survived the 4th

Pretty tame.Walked to the light rail in the morning. It was really quiet. Almost too quiet.Down to TMobile Park. More people, but still quiet. We spent the pre-game on the 3rd deck patio, eating our lunch and hanging out.Game time at our seats. Not a subdued crowd, but tempered. We stayed until the 8th, and decided we had enough sun for the day.Back home we quietly dismantled the screen. Except for the part where a vertical piece decided to become horizontal earlier than we anticipated. And stowed it in the garage.Evening brought out the noise. Not much at first, but then the basic sort of safe and sanes started exploding. These were soon overtaken by the big city display at Lake Union. The high displays can be seen from our bathroom and closet windows. But the real experience is the concussions that reach our house, a few miles from the show.And then there was the auxiliary experience, mostly booming shells rather than sparkles, at 5:15 AM this morning! After the third, I gave up trying to sleep and got up and went to work.Work was quiet.I am on the bus. I just realized how much building is underway when I wasn’t exactly sure where we were. Thought I had missed my stop for a moment. So it is the 5th.Happy 39th anniversary to Pooh and Mark.And happy 34th with Carl.How could I not stay married to this guy!

2 Responses to “Survived the 4th”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Happy Anniversary! It was fairly restrained around here too. Some huge booms, but people seem to be saving their fireworks for the actual evening of the 4th and not setting off bombs for weeks ahead of time.

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