Birthday Wishes

Last year there were two big wishes. 1) to go home, and 2) to be able to climb the stairs to the bedroom. Actually there were a few more, make the Mariners game (where 20 friends were gathered in a suite), and make the backyard film festival (we actually did make it for a few moments, but I wouldn’t say we really saw anything).

This year the wishes were a lot more mundane. Figuring out where to take him to dinner.

We went to a neighborhood restaurant, new to us. Kittitas. A Thai restaurant.

Number 38. I can’t remember what it was called

Fresh rolls with fried tofu and vermicelli noodles

Chicken sauted in a black bean sauce.

It was good food, and I think we’ll be back.

A beautiful night for a walk, and now to hang at home for the rest of the evening.

Happy day.

3 Responses to “Birthday Wishes”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Looks like a happy birthday and delicious meal!

  2. jane Says:

    Happy birthday Carl!

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