West Side Story was our show this week. It was true to the original songs and choreography. If only I could have seen the entire stage. About 1/3 was blocked by the tall person in front of me. Usually I can find a view corridor, but not this time. And it was well attended, so shifting wasn’t an option either.

Temperatures have been rising as well. It was 95 at work when I left yesterday. Only 90 at home. The rest of the week is predicted to be nice, in the 70s.

I am not in the habit of watering, yet. This morning I watered the chives and a few other selected plants. I didn’t have time for the raspberries, and assigned them to Carl.

Carl has been doing a lot of yard work, weeding and pruning (hacking). Maybe the lawn today.



So the garlic experiment is still a bit of a mystery to me. Some new plant parts appeared (grew), so perhaps my expected timing of the harvest was way off. But they are in the way of my tomatoes.

Hard to tell the new bit from this picture. Like a flower.

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