Sitting in the Sun

And the Mariners are actually ahead. At least for the moment.

And on that note they just tried the whiffle ball play, hitting the runner in the back. But he is out?!? So either we are playing whiffle ball or he was out of the baseline when he was hit.


So the Mariners won. I have been at work all day. It’s now, finally time to go home.


So the Mariners lost, 10 to 9. But we were busy watching Perry Mason reruns. It was a particularly funny one, at least for the lines fed by Paul Drake to all the pretty women. We also paid bills and prepped for future meals.


Laundry folded, coffee made, carpool arrived, and we are driving through the sprinkles to work.

I will start today with an affirmative statement to get some project moved forward.

Yes, we are in the carpool lane, although the general purpose lanes are pretty open.

Work, work, work, work, work.

See you on the flip side.

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