Opening Days

First up was Friday night’s Seattle Style at MOHAI. A bit of everything, and a lot about the history of Eddie Bauer. He patented the first down jacket in the 1930s, if I recall correctly. It’s not all flannel, but some is, and a lot revolves around rain.

Today was opening day of boating season. The Windermere Cup and boat parade. There are lots of races in different age classes. The invitational had teams from UCLA, Boston College and Germany. I think the Huskies won the Men’s 8, the only race we saw.

We did get to see all of the crews make their way back through the Montlake Cut, the first parade.

As soon as the races are through they raise the Montlake Bridge for the boat parade. Several boats would not fit under the bridge.

The more formal groups, and several not so formal groups participate.

These pictures were all around the bridge, for us land lubbers. The real party was out on the water. The races went through the log boom, and the boat parade heads back out through the line of boats, watching the other boats.

You may be able to tell, it was a gorgeous day. In the end it was about a 5 mile wander.

One Response to “Opening Days”

  1. margiegf Says:

    A gorgeous day and great activities. I went to MOHAI for the first time this year and enjoyed it very much.

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