Back to Work

Both shows we went to over the weekend were great, but very different.

Surrogate Cities was an avant-guard presentation about the incessant change in cities. One day there is a place, and the next day it’s gone, or different. The music was a mix of melodies and cacophony provided by at least five percussionists. And two singers. The woman had a beautiful voice and the man had a voice that he could manipulate. He did have lyrics sometimes, and other times it was more like scat, but not jazz. David Moss is his name, and one quote on his website describes him as Jim Carey imitating Ella Fitzgerald while being eaten by an alien.

The picture was taken well before Saturday’s horrible crane collapse.

Yesterday’s show was rock and roll with the Women’s Chorus. Sarah Rudinoff led the show; emceeing, soloing and singing with the Chorus. Also had an appearance by Ayesha “Musicbox” Brooks. Not that I knew who they were before the show, but local performers of note.

Both shows had inherent energy. The Mariners, not so much. Both Friday and Sunday we left well before the game ended to get to the other venues. They did pull out a win on Friday. I skipped Saturday. Carl had an invitation to sit behind the dugout and I just needed a little down time. Apparently, so did the Mariners, losing Saturday and Sunday by a combined 29 to 2.

On a sunnier note, as we walked and transited our way around town we found these visions.

During all other hours you must be normal

One Response to “Back to Work”

  1. margiegf Says:

    The shows sound interesting all right! I would definitely need some down time after that level of busy. I hope the Ms aren’t turning into those Mariners from prior years…

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