Easter Weekend

We had pizza for dinner. Not very Easterish, and definitely not appropriate for Passover. But it fit our energy level for dinnertime.

This followed about 4 hours of intense yard work. Weeding, mowing, clearing and working on the raspberry patch. Which followed yesterday.

Camellias are pretty, until you’re trying to clear fallen blooms off of the other plants

Before the yard work, in the wee hours (for a weekend), Carl played the Easter bunny for the kids he cares for.

They looked like they had fun.

Yesterday’s exercise was 8 miles of walking. We reprised our normal stadium walk to see the Garfield High School baseball team participate in the High School Baseball Classic at T-Mobile park. In the end they lost their game on a wild pitch, 2-1. It was a fun event nonetheless. Saw some friends and ballpark acquaintances.

We did not walk the entire way home, opting to take light rail to the UW and walk the final 2 miles. On the way home we passed by the site of the Burke Museum. At least where it used to be located.

There is a totem on the left, the beak is the pointy bit poking out from the vegetation. The empty space is where the Burke was. The new Burke is the building beyond on the right.

Yesterday we had the energy to muster dinner, even after 8 miles. Okay, it was sort of leftovers. Turkey burgers, prepped the night before, and roasted sweet potatoes.

Now I only need to decide how soon I can go to bed.

2 Responses to “Easter Weekend”

  1. margiegf Says:

    8 miles, wow! I prefer pizza to lamb or ham, so that would be a great dinner for me. My daughter and I had a cheese platter, roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts for Easter dinner at a brew pub in Montreal. 🙂

    • raincharm Says:

      That sounds like a great meal. I have never been to Montreal (or Quebec for that matter). Although we did have 4 french speakers sitting behind us at the ballgame on Thursday.

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