Back to Baseball

And not quite the home opener.

Saturday was a wander with fan fest in the middle. We took transit to the park, and then got lots of steps in wandering around. Met a few ballplayers, two of whom were really appreciative of the work Carl did on a postcard he asked them to sign. (It included stats from the game where they hit their first home run.) Two others had made their major league debut in Japan. Found lots of ballpark acquaintances and sat in the sun. That is, I sat in the sun, Carl chased after balls.

We finally departed back to light rail and UW. As it happened, the UW baseball team was playing USC, so we took our wander past their ballpark. When a ball is hit out of Husky stadium it might land on dry ground. But it is equally likely to land on squishy land or in the water. We found this pile of decaying baseballs gathered by someone else. Perhaps they were studying decay rates.

We finally tackled the hill back home. Several hundred steps to the upper campus, a stop at Trade Joes and finally home.

Sunday was much less vigorous, transferring “mobile” tickets to friends. It’s computer work, in some ways easier, but more potential problems with electronics, changing minds and hopefully no dead phones at the ballpark.

Yesterday we did a warm up game for the regular season. Except it was COLD. I will take more clothes on Thursday. Bring it on.

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