Official Work Morning

Tanks are us week.

This is a City of Seattle tank, at 32 million gallons, a bit larger than the 2 million gallon tank pictured earlier this week.

Well, the tank is underground

352 feet in diameter. Up to 55 feet tall. It’s immense. A forest of columns.

The hole in this tank is smaller than the hole in the tank at our office, but we cut the hole in our tank on purpose.

One of the many interesting (to me) aspects of this structure is the underdrain system. It includes perforated concrete pipes. And each of the perforations was hand drilled.

Here is a rather high hard hat. I don’t wear it often, so I haven’t bothered to try any adjustments.

Would you pay attention to this job boss?

2 Responses to “Official Work Morning”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    If you’re smart, definitely pay attention to this job boss! The dimensions of the City of Seattle tank roughly correspond to the Cyclorama in the Atlanta History Center. Maybe paint a mural on the sides while it’s empty? — Pooh

    • raincharm Says:

      There was some graffiti, but there was also a graffiti legend on the wall as you descended into the tank.

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