The Beast Lingers

I need to walk.

I need to be warm.

I need to prune the raspberries.

Walking is completely possible. There are several choices. Time to get other things done is the enemy. Last week we thought about a walk that started and ended on bus lines. Just to get in a walk that wasn’t burdened by our houses location. It also takes away the circular requirement. Today’s walk will almost certainly be focused towards a friends’ birthday party. (70!)

Warmth should be possible. Layers and all. But I long for just being warm, without having to work to be warm. I found myself standing in front of a bank of south-facing second floor windows at work, soaking in the warm sun. Longing.

The raspberries are supposed to be pruned early in the year. I generally get it done in January or February. It is March! It is also not raining, or snowing (it is cold enough). So that chore is definitely on my weekend list.

The Beast

The question is, will it be warm enough to convince myself to go prune before walking to the mid day party? It’s currently 35 degrees. We’ll see.

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