Feet and Food and Friends

Still in Nashville.

I feel like the guest who stayed too long. The weather turned about noon today to a steady rain, followed by pouring rain. This was completed by a phone alert for a flash flood warning and tornado warning sirens.

For the feet part of the title Carl has continued to log steps. Yesterday he was over 20,000. Food has been consistently good. Yesterday we celebrated the Chinese lunar new year of the pig. Becca and Rey prepared the repast including Chinese cabbage, gluten, roasted tofu, enokitake mushrooms, rice noodles and more. Kyle, my work mate, joined us and supplied a traditional gift of money in a fancy red package.

Tonight’s meal was at a mostly vegan restaurant followed by some lovely ice cream.

We have also been introduced to some local delicacies.

Goo stands Grand Ole Opry

And of course, friends. Carl was able to catch up with his friend Lyle. They met in Seattle years ago. Lyle moved to Nashville to make a living playing music. He was with Allen Jackson (until he hit the big time), and most recently spent about 10 years as a regular at Rippys on Broadway in Nashville.

Tomorrow we plan to sleep in, have breakfast at the Sun Diner, maybe take in a museum and finally head back to Seattle and likely snow (in the next day or two).

One Response to “Feet and Food and Friends”

  1. Margaret Says:

    20,000, wow! You’re having lots of adventures and eating some interesting food. Seattle is going to be snowy and cold. Prepare yourselves.

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