Out and About

We finally got into Nashville proper yesterday.

Where we went, and a pick. I think they may play music just about anywhere.

Here is a sign for a current industry?

Back to the museum.

There were several exhibits. Again I took very few pictures, but it wasn’t for lack of intrigue. The marriage boxes, the horses,

A series of “comic” riding paintings, commissioned by the rider. He died young of a brain injury.

One painting that spoke to me was of an immature gull, looking over his shoulder as the mature gulls fly away. Much like life and predicted death on our beach.

Library lions? No Fortitude or Patience. Just an impatient, impertinent imp.

And for those that followed the muppets, Sam the Eagle has made the Frist his home.

The day wound down with pizza from Slim and Huskies, veggies with spinach artichoke dip, and the Sleeper Bowl.

Finally it was time to head to our conference headquarters. I think our “room” is almost as big as Rey and Becca’s apartment.

Beautiful hotel, but I could hear/feel a bass beat well into the night.

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