Weekend walks and work

I spent several hours this weekend looking at a computer screen. Saturday focused on cleaning up my personal email, getting financial transactions noted, and a bit of filing. Sunday switched to work, again trying to get back to several inches of emails that had piled up while I whiled away the hours in meetings or on other projects. I even did some actual work to try and check a few things off the list. Sometimb its half-mile loop and then back down, with a stop at Whole Foods for a rotisserie chicken. This had been a frequent meal in the past, but it had been long enough that our frequent buyer card was no longer in use.

This afternoon we started on the bus to a far flung store, where we met the flu bug.

The Flu Bug

After making a purchase we set out on foot through new neighborhoods, to the Metropolitan Market, and free bacon. Then it was back on the bus for the ride home.

Transit is helpful for getting us to new sidewalks. The walk between stores was about 2 miles, and we did it quickly enough that the bus took the second ride as a transfer instead of a new fare.

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