Dortmund Day 2

Long story short. Dortmund played one game today. We wore an extra layer each, and that made for a more comfortable experience. Parker didn’t score, but neither did the other team. Nil-nil tie means that Dortmund continues to the 8 am semifinals tomorrow.

Today’s game was at Renton Stadium, sandwiched amongst Boeing sites. Also along the Cedar River. We arrived early to walk along the river trail. Different than most we travel.

On the way home we got a bit turned around. As it turns out we were still heading in the right direction, just through very unfamiliar territory with no indications of the whether we were heading north, south, east or west. Changed drivers so I could work the Google maps and Carl, who actually had his driver’s license with him, could drive. (I left mine at home.)

And then …

The important number is not 60 mph. Look at the slightly smaller number to the left. 14 plus years to reach 200,000.

Earlier in the day I was doing mundane chores like taking out the recycling. And I almost tripped over a gutter drain pipe that was lying across the walk. I am guessing it came down in the wind in the last two weeks. So the chore list got longer. After several trips to the basement, charging the drill battery, hauling the ladder out of the basement, three of us realigned the pipe and attached it to the house, much more firmly than before.

The drain pipe, fully vertical

Connection close up

I think the contractor had done a good job of getting it all lined up, and there was one sort of connection to the house on the lowest of the three pipe parts. The lowest part is now the only piece not physically attached to the house with screws. If it slips, I will do more at that point. This was one of our quicker fixes from identification to action to completion.

Made spaghetti and garlic bread so the boys could carbo-load for tomorrow’s game(s). Good day, and I am ready for bed.

4 Responses to “Dortmund Day 2”

  1. jane Says:

    well now I want garlic bread….

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Our Prius is just above 100K. I notice that your downspout drains underground. Originally our did too, but last year the sewer district redirected the flow. Now we have both storm and sanitary lines.

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