Christmas Joy

As so often happens on Christmas morning, we were woken up by a child. It was after 7 am, so met our normal criteria for when we can be aroused from slumber.

Our slumber past 7 am started the night before. Or really very early this morning. We spent Christmas Eve evening with friends. We took transit over, the slowest bus ever. The idea was to walk home afterwards, going by Candy Cane Lane to enjoy the lights. Like the best laid plans, dinner took longer than expected, and we left their house about the same time most of the lights dimmed for the evening. I think it was technically still Christmas Eve when we arrived home, but definitely not by the time we were in bed.

And then, because Tuesday is normally a workday, the alarm went off at 5:45. When the phone call came, we weren’t really up yet, but it was the right time.

And then it was time to visit Carl’s current kids. I thought we were going for brunch, but it turns out they were waiting to open their presents until we arrived. A 3 and 6 year old, waiting. And they weren’t crazy, yet.

The morning was fun. As was the rest of the day. Connecting and reconnecting with friends and relatives.

We finally slowed down for dinner, roasted vegetables and honey baked ham. And a table set with Christmas companions.

One Response to “Christmas Joy”

  1. margiegf Says:

    It looks like a great time!

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