Night Out

We were going to go out to a friend’s house last night, but Carl was feeling under the weather, so we stayed put. It may have really been the weather as a really low pressure area came through, accompanied by howling winds. My last year’s project of trying to keep the siding from blowing off the side of the house appears to be holding.

Before tonight’s show we went to the Noi Thai restaurant. It was really tasty (Crispy Garlic Chicken) and I probably could have split an order. But, um. I did stop before it was gone. We met friends and all agreed we should come back to eat there again.

Then it was time for the 2018 version of the Seattle Men’s Chorus Christmas show. Pretty good. And did you know the Village People did a record of there hit songs modified for Christmas? I didn’t, but we heard a few tonight!

Finally the fun was over and it was time to transit home. Carl had the inspired idea to drive to the UW light rail station (parking is free on Sundays) and take the train. There’s a station under the Benaroya concert hall. How convenient. And somebody other than me suggested a transit alternative!

The only downside to the evening was the seats in Benaroya just did not agree with my back. I am hoping a night sleep will cure the pain.

One Response to “Night Out”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a wonderful time, except for the back issues. I carried three old TVs(smallish) up and down stairs and then out to the garage, and now my back is feeling a little iffy. It doesn’t take much at my age!

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