Off We Go

Longest security line. EVER!

I think they are working on the principle that if you keep them moving they won’t complain. And we never stopped for more than a brief moment. It went back and forth, around escalators, over the river and through the woods, to grandfathers house we go.

We were not rushed. My carpooler went the extra mile for an early pickup and drop off. First class all the way. At least for Carl. The perks of missing Rey’s wedding. [Wait, that sounds like he wanted to miss.] Me, I’m in steerage.

I can see Carl from my seat. But not his expressions, visual or audible. On the other hand, sitting alone, in the midst of others has provided an opportunity to start a book that would never have been started while going to bed. My nocturnal reading needs to grab my attention, at least at the beginning of a book. I have read a few chapters and it is starting to grow more interesting. I am interested to see whether I decide to follow it to its conclusion, or set in on a bookshelf to find a more interested reader.

On the ground, early. But our gate is occupied. 10 more minutes before I can move towards the restroom.

And we made it to the fun Fort, borrowed a car, got a few groceries and made it to Bob’s for an early dinner (or late lunch). The temperature was low 60s, I think, but there are still vestiges of the 6 inches of snow that fell last weekend.

2 Responses to “Off We Go”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Long security line at SeaTac? I love my precheck! What are you reading?

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