Okay, okay, okay

I have been home from home away from home for over a month now, really 1-1/2 months. It still seems very recent, and yet so long ago. I just found my passport from the Michigan travels, still in my backpack, so I am just getting myself sorted.

Gate 1 and only at Chippewa International Airport

3 primary areas for discussion over this time; health, work and family.

Me – I got a cold for the past weekend. Keeping the Kleenex company in business, and it looks like it is time for a Costco run again. And I gave it to Carl too! SHARING IS CARING.

Carl’s health has been a roller-coaster of a summer. (See previous posts for the earlier bits.) Jane provided stellar care; with infusions, doctor calls, cooking, and more. Carl didn’t have a relapse until I returned home.

When not going to medical centers Carl passes the time with sports on TV, puzzles and reading (Boys in the Boat – highly recommended). Jane and Carl shared the World Cup, Wimbledon and the Tour de France, and of course a few baseball games.

Carl was continuing to improve, walking, climbing stairs. He was down to 1 bandaid and some scabs. Then, 2 weeks after getting off of antibiotics his knee blew up again. No temperature this time though. Urgent Care and a new referral to rheumetology (and drugs). Rheumetology is looking at arthritis (of course) or psuedogout. (Regular gout isn’t good enough for us, fake “_____” is all the rage this year.) Back up to 3 bandaids and one more pill to the pile.

This week we are into follow-up appointments. More x-rays, but hopefully no more blood draws – he has turned into a turnip, and cardiac rehabilitation. The scabs are almost all gone and the knee swelling is decreasing, back on the positive path toward recovery.

And back to a few Mariner games again. We did manage to get to a Paxton (pitcher from Canada) game, since we just missed seeing him on Carl’s birth/discharge-day. This is all part of the recovery plan.

Carl’s job is recovery. (See previous notes.)

I feel like I have been barely working for 6+ weeks. I managed to keep up with small projects, but the bigger ventures essentially went on hiatus. For example: I reviewed a plan on the day of Carl’s first surgery (6/18), and just go my review letter written last Thursday (7/26). Another stressor was being summoned before a hearing examiner to explain and be questioned about my decisions and directions on a project. This finally happened Monday. After spending a week reading literally a box of reports, emails and studies, I was ready to be grilled. It ended up being a light saute as more recent decisions deflected the appellants path of argument and I only gave about 10 minutes of testimony (instead of the expected several hours). My next focus is to focus on getting my two big responsibilities back on track. And maybe even work a full 5-day work week next week.

Carl’s already had his share of this update, so on to the kids.

Rey & Becca are on the move again. MOVING WEST! About 100 miles further west, and one time zone closer. To Nashville. (Becca has already started her new job!)

Ashlan & Allen, as far as I can tell, are continuing their year of weddings. (Not theirs)

My sisters. Let me just take a moment to say I have the best! Pooh stepped in to keep me on track and pick up my slack with all of the festivities surrounding Rey and Becca’s wedding – in addition to her regular activities.
And Jane – took exceedingly good care of Carl and the garden and building furniture – all while I slacked off in Michigan.
I have not figured out an appropriate way to thank them, yet.

Patient in his new chair

In amongst all of this, the car got a flat tire. I actually think the nail was there while Jane was driving, but didn’t shift to let air out until I tried to put more air in. (An adventure in itself with non-working air machines and driving on an ever lowering tire. Luckily our neighbor had asked me to park in her flat driveway while she was vacationing. So it made it easier for me to attempt to change, and for AAA to finally change the tire for the little spare. (I am not strong.)

The temperatures have been soaring, so I have been watering. The raspberries are just about done, a few zuchini have arrived (zoodles for dinner tonight), the bush peas have been “meh”, but the tomatoes are really good. I think I may change my planting choices next year.

4 Responses to “Okay, okay, okay”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A roller coaster indeed! Glad that it appears to be on the upward ride. What kind of tomatoes did you plant? I’ve had a few ripe ones, but they’re not as big as I expected. The theme of this summer for me has been disappointment–in people and in tomatoes. Sigh.

    • raincharm Says:

      Early Girl and Moscovich. Two that I picked, sort of at random, from a Fred Meyer early this spring. They are both producing. I think getting almost to the stage of too many to eat, but not enough to do something more with. Maybe I will try homemade spaghetti sauce.

  2. Paulette Attie Says:

    Wonderful news. So glad that Carl is on the mend. It is great seeing the picture of you both at the ball game. Hang in there with the work stuff, sautéed or grilled, if you will. Calling AAA is a wise move.

  3. RegenAxe Says:

    Glad for the good news on knee improvement! –Pooh

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