T minus 1


Getting out of the hospital is all about meeting enough marks that you pass the test and graduate back to the real world. And there are several that must be met. And they always seem to shift, not in unison.

Several days ago they seemed simple. Learn to be careful moving. Move more and more. Have movements. (come on, everybody knows you must do this to get out) Meet your INR number of >2. And we were moving smoothly forward more or less on all but the INR.

This was in large out of our control as the docs watched to see whether the extra hardware (pacemaker) was required. And it was, and it was added. Back on the road to meeting goals, again.

We were so close to the exit, but then the moving decreased with the size of the knee increase. So, onward to the knee surgery and start over on most of the goals. With both upper and lower issues to deal with, for a time the goals seemed even further away. And stability of temperature as an indication of infection control became primary. Slow progress, but not always forward.

Yesterday morning the requirements seemed far away. By the evening they felt within reach.

So we are hoping again to be released in time for Carl’s party, film festival and seeing the many friends that are on their way as we speak. All eyes are on Sunday noon.

This brings us to all of my non-medical goals. Beds are made, ticket distribution is underway, dishes are clean, and house modifications for 7 visitors are sort of in place.

O Can we leave? Sung to the start of the Canadian national anthem. July 1st! Canada, Nelson Cruz and Carl’s birthday! Let’s Get Ready to Party!

We hope.

2 Responses to “T minus 1”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    O Can we leave! I’ll be humming this all day, by way of sending thoughts and prayers. –Pooh

  2. Margaret Says:

    Good to see him motoring along and hope he gets home soon!!

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