The other half

Work kept me late on Monday. The normal Board meeting, until 6 or so. Then the unusual offsite meeting with a congenial group of neighbors considering whether to join the public water system or stay on their private 10 lot system. About 9 my colleague and I exited the house. Across the private drive an eagle suddenly landed on the grass, harassed by crows. As it took off, it appeared to drop something. And here it is, the butt end of a fish!

I wonder who will finish this delicacy? Eagle, crows of a wandering dog.

And we went to see The Hunchback of Notre Dame. They used the Disney songs, but I read that the play differed considerably from the movie, and was closer to the book. For one thing, the actor playing Quasimodo was deaf. While he did speak, he signed the songs, accompanied by a gargoyle who sang. It was a good show.

I had never seen the Disney movie, and Carl said he had, but thought it was too dark to watch again with the kids (pre-schoolers).

One Response to “The other half”

  1. margiegf Says:

    The original version is even darker than the Disney one. 🙂

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