I will work for food

My mother has the gardening gene. Me, not so much. I have killed off every indoor plant we had. We manage the outdoor areas, barely. When we had to replace our backyard, following its use as a staging area for the remodel, we just kept saying, “low maintenance!”

Except for plants that provide things to eat.

The raspberry patch was here before we were, and we have developed a routine that provides a good crop each year. Usually peaking when we go on vacation. The landscaper put in some mini-strawberries that are really sweet, but not very filling. I finally got a few raised beds built and planted.

Four of the five zucchini hills appear to be sprouting. And the bush peas are also showing themselves. One of the tomato plants has flowers, the other none. Perhaps I should replace the slow to produce plant.

The new azalea/rhodedendron is demanding water everyday. I am obliging for now. (Note the cala lily that won’t be killed, regardless of any thing we do.)

Chores that have not been done. Trimming a huge hedge. Getting some regular strawberries to plant. Weeding, weeding, weeding.

3 Responses to “I will work for food”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am like you, an indoor plant killer. My outdoor plants seem to do better, although this year a few are looking iffy. It’s been difficult to keep up on the mowing, weeding and cleaning out of flower beds. I need to redo my tomato planting raised bed soon (add soil). What kind of tomatoes did you get? I usually buy one or two cherry tomato plants and one or two regular size tomatoes. I never know what type to buy! (too many choices)

    • Jay Says:

      The two types are Bush Early Girl and Moscovich. I have a feeling neither are the cherry tomato type, which I would like. I was somewhat overwhelmed, and finally just picked two (paralysis of analysis where I didn’t really know any of the data …). I do have a pot that could take another, so maybe I will get another one.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Maybe you can eat calla lily tubers? It’s a very pretty “weed”.

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