May Day in Seattle

I am sitting in the sun, next to the boat pond at Mohai in South Lake Union.

The idyllic setting is only slightly interrupted by the sound of helicopters keeping tabs on the demonstrations going on several blocks to the south. They normally start out peacefully, but can morph. There is usually a group of anarchists organized to create problems and break windows. I am hoping for the best.

I bused in from work. Carl, on the other hand, chose to go to the Mariners batting practice and then drive north to meet me. This requires traversing the area of the demonstrations. I believe he is trying to go over the problem areas (on the viaduct).

If he takes too long I will go to the museum. Spoke too soon, he is arriving.

The photos of Al Smith is the display we are here to see.

And then there is the continued development to watch. And into the show.

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