Henson Adventure

The first bit of weather I saw this morning was some blue sky. The next time I looked it was snowing.

We wanted to walk today, and I wanted to see the Jim Henson exhibit at MoPop. Carl thought an early arrival would be less crowded.

I delayed us long enough to have a cup of coffee, which put us into the middle of the men’s curling gold medal game between the USA and Sweden. So we watched that to its conclusion. USA, USA, USA!

Finally we headed for the bus. The walk would make us even later, and we could save the walk for later.

On the 62. I am never sure how Carl feels about busing.

My guess at Carl’s favorite Muppet. I like to count!

Carl’s actual favorite. Oscar the Grouch.

I came away impressed with the body of work done while holding your arms up over your head.

Then it was over to the armory for a small bite to eat.

Detail of the scaffolding under the top of the Space Needle.

There was a yo-yo tournament going on. Entertaining to watch the practice area while noshing on a chicken kebab.

It seemed it was finally time for our walk. So we walked across the street to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation visitor center. Interesting work.

Now to really start the walk. We decided to walk the bus route, so we could change from walker to rider at our pleasure. That thought occurred at something over 2-1/2 miles, but the bus sailed by before we reached the next stop. So we walked 2 more stops, and climbed aboard in Fremont (center of the universe).

All in all an enjoyable excursion.

One Response to “Henson Adventure”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ashley has had me ride the bus with her in Los Angeles. Such an “interesting” experience. Those muppeteers must have enormous arm and shoulder strength!

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