Last Day of Vacation 

I am writing this sitting comfortably in JFK’s terminal, waiting for our boarding call. Ashlan and Allen walked us halfway to our subway entrance and then turned left to go see a movie. Today’s subway adventure had the added bonus of a train detoured from its normal route.  [Catch the E on the F track.] We managed, and even had strangers offering to assist with directions. (My teal coat was a dead giveaway to not being an inhabitant of Gotham. ) From the subway it was back onto the AirTrain to terminal 5. We almost felt like pros, especially compared with our arrival 5 days ago. Either way, Ashlan did a pretty good job of kicking us out of the nest this trip.

Before the departure we spent some time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The primary goal, for me was the Michelangelo exhibit. I spent time wandering through while the others did a more abbreviated version but also saw the Hockney exhibit. (The Michelangelo exhibit was really crowded.) 

Most of the works were studies, sketches or “cartoons”, which I quite enjoyed. His use and reuse of a sheet of paper reminded me of some papers in my office. After a while I will have to start crossing out items that have been completed until I can finally recycle the sheet.

I chose 3 to memorialize. The first includes a poem about painting the Sistine Chapel. The second had a cat. And the third was a study of column bases that ended with a whimsical man’s face in profile. 

A brief look at some Rodin and we were back out on the street. Carl has always enjoyed his hands.

Photobomb by little one.

Lunch, and a walk back to the apartment to gather luggage and depart. So here we sit, awaiting our return. Back to work tomorrow. 

One Response to “Last Day of Vacation ”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Love the Met, but did a terrible job navigating in NYC. Ashley always had to be with me. 🙂

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