Life in the Big City

Merry Christmas to us. Allen’s mother was in town yesterday, so gift giving was moved up a few days. It was fun – 7 sharing their holiday. And lunch. Also walking  (it is NYC after all). 

Later in the evening the group split in two for 2 different shows. Ours was The Play that Goes Wrong. The show actually begins before the lights dim, with cast members going through the crowd looking for a dog (also a cast member). The playbill has the playbill for the show within the show,  complete with cast biographies and ads. A complete production and laugh out loud throughout. 

Carl and I got to experience one of our presents this morning. A spa/baths experience including a massage. Again we managed to get there and back successfully solo, including finding a grocery store.

That set us up for a bacon, eggs and pancake breakfast at Ashlan and Allen’s place. Allen’s sister Danielle and her fiance Sterling, were cooking for their feast later. 

Apparently today’s theme is bacon.

We left Ashlan and Allen playing a virtual reality game where they must communicate – one with directions and one with the controls. 

Ashlan was not on board with me taking the last picture 

One Response to “Life in the Big City”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Cute photos! My older daughter hates me taking pictures, especially when she’s not aware.

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