I did not fail my exam yesterday. Nor did I pass with flying colors. It probably would have gone a bit better if the day did not start with the realization that the mapping program I use everyday and for creating maps for documents several times a week is changing. Ostensibly an improvement,  and it is faster, it does not have the same functionality. After a major panic attack,  followed by looking for the back doors for work arounds, they tell me I am a super-user and will have access to a different program with total functionality. 

They could have started with that statement and saved a headful of grey hairs. [And a much better attitude throughout the day. ] 

Play – Carl and I are going to a play tonight. We are going to make our ticketed show. We are not going to forget it due to more exciting things or be too sick to go. (Carl is recovering from a cold, but has cough drops. ) 

Crowded coffee parking lot this morning. 

Coffee is from Mercury Coffee,  next to Super Supplements (it’s my only supplement), and my coffee is from the pot at home. 

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