Hello Seattle

We are back. Have been for a few days.  The final picture from Colorado is our view from our seats.

The assumption that seats would line up with windows was obviously misplaced. And with all of the variations in plane seating it should not be surprising. 

We flew Frontier. Home of cheap air fare, but pay for everything else, except your personal items under your seat. Even water. It just takes more planning,  but it did feel a bit like a cattle-car. 

We took transit back to our house. On light rail we literally bumped into a couple from Australia when the train started with a lurch. Later we were able to direct them to the correct stop to exit the train for their hotel. I really think Sound Transit could do a much better job of providing a map of the stop locations in the downtown area. I found one in the back of a full ST schedule with all of their bus and heavy rail routes. This might sound comprehensive,  but it’s not. They don’t have the local bus routes from Metro or the other county bus lines. 

Back to work for both of us, and directly into a long Mariner’s home stand. My first game back will be tonight. At work one of my associates gifted me with a bunch of mini origami stars. I think they are lovely.

One Response to “Hello Seattle”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Love the stars and all the colors! I usually fly Alaska and have never noticed the seat/window discrepancy. I will definitely look next time though!

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