Rain and Work 

I don’t even know how many days it has been without at least some rain. Later this week it may happen. My carpooler told me we could double our sunny days for the year in the next week. 

We did have the pleasure of meeting Tim, Allen’s father, who is Ashlan’s boyfriend. Dinner Thursday and the Mariners game on Monday,  which they won. A really nice guy and I can’t believe how much he packed into his time in Seattle, including a U2 concert. It would have worn me out.

Monday’s Mariner game was a win, but it wound into more than the game. One of our friends started feeling poorly, which morphed into meeting the stadium medics, a hunt for a strange car on the streets of Seattle,  driving a Saab with lots of warning messages and breaking through police barricades. In the end everybody is okay and the car survived. 

Carl went solo to the Mariners last night. He caught the losing home run, and no he didn’t throw it back. (See the ball in the end of his mitt)

I will be joining him tonight.  Hoping for warmer weather and a win.

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