Logistics updated

Update: All went per plan, except the Mariners game went 11 innings, ending shortly after midnight. That meant the car retrieval was after 12:30, and bedtime after 1 am!
Our current logistics dance of the cars started last night. I had a 4 o’clock meeting that ended a bit after 6:30, finally leaving after 7 PM. As soon as I got home we left to drop my car off for regular maintenance. 

Not a big deal, and we stopped at Rock’s for dinner. 

This morning my carpooler picked me up for a ride to work, and that will be the last normal part of the schedule. 

Tonight’s meeting doesn’t start until 6:30. But my carpooler is leaving in the afternoon for Kennewick. So late at night at work with no car.

I am fairly certain my boss will allow me to take a vehicle home for the evening. Or pull out our emergency beds. Or wait for the Mariner game to end and have Carl come pick me up. (A 50 mile addition to his trip. ) 

So tomorrow morning I will have a work vehicle to get to work, but no car to get home. Likely solution is to take the bus home  (or to the Wednesday night Mariner game).

What’s missing from this is retrieving my car post maintenance. I will need it by Thursday morning. Carl’s schedule is central to getting to the shop to pay the bill and retrieve the key. Field trip with the kids?? 

A perfect storm of cars and drivers.

3 Responses to “Logistics updated”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Sounds like you need your hard-won Project knowledge!

  2. jane Says:

    wait – WHERE did you have dinner? I hope it was the pictured Dick’s – which I remember fondly from Rey’s high school graduation night. 😉

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