He Walked at Night

We started our morning with a movie of the film noir persuasion. The movie of the title above was, “low budget from a second rate studio.” But it turned out to be a precursor of many others, and likely of the TV show Dragnet. Jack Webb played the CSI style scientist in the movie, and he obviously used much that was included in the movie in the TV show.

It was based on a true story – but I will let Wiki tell the story.

he walked at night

In addition to Cinema, we spent time looking at CPAPs on line, and looking for recipes for Cake Cookies, and thinking about Children. Most of these have to do with errands and future plans. The movie was not planned ahead of time, but was a nice diversion on a somewhat busy, yet quiet, day.

I will leave it at that for now. The Halibut is done (not a C word, but we don’t want it to sit in the refrigerator).


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