We made it to a show this week, only one week late.

Having tickets to a series of plays has its benefits, such as being able to replace your tickets when you completely space out the show on the day of the show. Even with this benefit I think we are going to forego renewing this particular ticket package. Maybe try one of the many other venues or just pick a few individual plays. 

That said, we really enjoyed this performance. The girl playing Mary had a great voice and a great attitude for the part. A nice midweek diversion. 

This morning was my 2nd of 4 Saturday morning classes. Good information, but I do miss waking up without an alarm.

We are on our way to Tacoma now. Going to a Rainiers game. I generally enjoy the Rainiers,  but I would not choose a cool, potentially rainy evening as the time to go. But the Garfield High School baseball team has a group of tickets,  and so we are going in April. 

[Carl says I can call for an early departure if the weather goes south.] [[such a wimp]]

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