Saturday started dry. And I went to class. Four Saturday mornings are to be spent learning how to better use Project software. It appears to be a good class, a professor from UW spending extra credit time, relatively small size with folks that know how to use programs, and a good pace. And it was raining when class ended.

Three of us carpooled to class and Carl had the car running when we pulled up to the house for adventure number 2.

We are being trusted with Carl’s two charges overnight. As I noted, it was raining so Lego dominated the early afternoon. When the sun finally made an appearance Audrey suggested we should be outside,  and so we went. To their neighborhood school’s playgrounds. 

It was windy, which helped to dry things up a bit. Audrey collected about 15 pieces of dropped clothing that they hung on the play structures to dry and be refund.

We finally retired to the house for pizza and some books. 

Dean was stacking hats on top of Carl, and we recalled the book Caps for Sale. I found it via the internet on my phone. Oh those silly monkeys. 

(It’s Sunday morning now and Carl and the kids are outside once more. I am drinking coffee in the relative warmth of the house. I think the kids view me as the alternative playmate to Carl, there when THEY decide I can be entertaining. Which works out well for all of us. )

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