Opening Homestand 

Since April 10th about all I have done is work and go to baseball games. 

Work has been continuously continuous. 

The games have gotten better on the whole. There was the Griffey game. 

[I’m not certain who won that game. But I think it was the Mariners. The games tend to blend together. ]

Saturday was early entrance after working the first part of the day. It was also Jackie Robinson day. And Paxton was pitching. I’m not going to explain Robinson,  but all of the players wear his number, which makes keeping score just a little more challenging. 

Paxton is a Canada born pitcher for the Mariners. He seems to be coming into his own this year.  

A little background to set the stage. When Felix Hernandez (the King) pitches they have a “K” section where the fans have placards with a K on them. When Felix gets 2 strikes on a batter they wave their cards and chant “K, K, K, K”.

Some time last year we made smaller cards for Paxton,  except they bore a maple leaf and the letters EH. (Think the end of many phrases spoken by a Canadian,  Eh?) We resurrected them for the game and Paxton pitched a great game, 9 strikeouts in all. We ended up with a bit of airtime. The more fun part was getting others in the area to join in on the “EH, EH, EH, EH” chants.

Sunday was an Easter day game. We got to sit in a suite. Fun to have a different view, and we met some very nice people. 

And the Mariners won. As they did yesterday. I have not been as cold since I pulled out my big double jacket. This used to be reserved for kids November soccer games. 

Time for work…

One Response to “Opening Homestand ”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    I understand how it would be hard to do the scorecard when they all wear #42, but I’m pretty sure the player on the right is Carl Harms.
    snark, snark, 😉

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