Rain and Gloom 

It’s pouring,  the Mariners lost their first two games, and Gonzaga lost the final NCAA men’s basketball game. 

Okay, enough of that. It is wet,  but I work inside.  There are at least 160 more games this year for the Mariners, and Gonzaga got further than they ever have before. 

Work continues to ramp up. Managing last week’s scheduling miracle means moving forward on the next steps, right away. And I got assigned a Thursday night meeting. 

Oops. Sounds like complaining again. 

We had an overnight guest last night and I don’t need to change the sheets because he’s coming back for the Mariner’s home opener,  and bringing a few friends. 

And, sometime recently I was at work,  and came back to my office to this sight.

I was so taken by the deer, that I shared the photo with my dear, who responded…

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