Sunny Day = Work Day 

We seem to be settling into a pattern where the weekends are rainy and the weekdays may be sunny. This morning for example. 

Note the sun on the vegetation. The mountain is not out, so who knows what the afternoon will bring. 

I got flowers yesterday. From a work mate, not Carl. 

Speaking of work, which I do frequently, I did manage to pull off a scheduling miracle yesterday. By the normal rules I should have turned in my agenda item on Monday. I did turn in two on time, but not the most important piece. I finally got the final bit of information yesterday, rushed to get a memo completed, went over it with my boss and then pleaded for the Monday meeting late agenda addition. The alternative was the following Monday and missing the Mariner home opener or three weeks later, a schedule destroyer.

Just noticed the background is shaded. Interesting. 

And I woke up this morning thinking about work.  Not about my scheduling victory, but about two customers that appear to be illegally connected to our water system. One says he is using rainwater, not a midnight connection to the main so he can live in a house that doesn’t have occupancy yet.  Or the guy connected to his neighbors house with a hose. We found him because her meter showed use of 142 gallons per minute for 5 straight days. We think he’s recharging his well. The concern is cross connection, his neighbors bill will be a bit higher than normal. 

Powering up for a busy day  (coffee)

2 Responses to “Sunny Day = Work Day ”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Wait, didn’t we used to get our water via a hose from our neighbor’s place? 😉 Of course, we weren’t in a water district at the time.
    –your sister

  2. jane Says:

    I had the same thought – water thru a hose. warm on sunny days!

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