Yesterday was not quite Snowmagedon, but it was snow events with slippery streets focused on the commute hours. During our Board meeting, starting at 4, the snow started coming down in inches per hour fashion. The City of Sammamish sent out messages that the roads were a mess, multiple accidents and to stay off. But we want to go home. 

I think our meeting took long enough that things had actually improved a bit by the time we left. 

And then there was the overturned propane tanker on I5 that closed the entire freeway right at the I90 area. It was closed 8 hours, long enough to limit our choices for heading back to Seattle. 

Work on the other hand went relatively smoothly. I am hoping to follow-up on my big project today and head for a March launch. (Which means my life will not be my own in 2017. )

And with all this talk about work, I spent the evening arranging logistics for a vacation. 

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