Moving On

Day something less than 7.

I don’t want to count. I am torn between trying to stay current and trying to keep not mad. 

Our next move will be making the planned donation to PP.  This was supposed to happen on Inauguration (side note: when I started typing ina… the phone suggested “inappropriate”) day but we were both ill. Is it ironic that we were too sick to get to a health care provider?

And my big job now is to decide between an HSA or an HRA. Prescription costs may be a big part of the equation. Trying to figure out the actual cost of these is proving to be very difficult. I thought it was an easy question. 

On a fun note, the distraction of the  baseball season is getting closer. Fan Fest is this weekend, providing an opportunity to reconnect with folks we only see at the ballpark. 

Yesterday’s moment of serenity. 

One Response to “Moving On”

  1. margiegf Says:

    I think I am a LOT in denial. 😦

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