MLK? No, work. 

The weekend was cold but gorgeous. We managed to get two bundled walks in. These were sandwiched around various football and futbol games. 

It would have been nice to continue the pattern into a third day, but alas, I had a full day meeting. It’s tough to find a day when 9 people are free, so use of a holiday (floating for us) is attractive. We have done this for 5 or 6 years now, and it feels assumed. This morning as I read about the local MLK March, I had a thought about trying to mix it up next year. My own little rebellion. 

When I returned from work my family work began. Looking over our last year’s health costs.  The reason was two-fold. 1. Our plan year end is coming up and I needed to understand how much use it or lose it self supplied health care money was left. (Looks like I’m getting a new pair of glasses.) 2. Next year’s plan is either going to be a HSA or HRA. Something starting with “High”. Not the PPOs I have known my entire working life, and I want to be prepared to understand how the change will look for us. But we will still have coverage, better or worse. For those on ACA plans the uncertainty must be unsettling.  I know it would be for me.

And now for a moment of serenity. 

3 Responses to “MLK? No, work. ”

  1. Sam Says:

    Unsettling is right (ACA insurance—that’s us). Thanks for the serenity-photo to counteract….

  2. jane Says:

    High Deductible Health Plan? HDHP? or maybe something else.
    anyway – keep that moment of zen photo handy!

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