​That happy feeling of anticipation of Xmas as a small child.  Don’t feel it very often anymore, but this morning I am having a difficult time concentrating and staying on task, and there are little butterflies flitting around. The anticipation is not focused on presents although they can be fun (my requests nowadays tend to the practical). Rather it is people we get to see and spend time with.  
So here is our solstice time in pictures.

Notice the sun and the son.

Carl and friend 

Sleeping octopus 

Okay, this was from a bit before the solstice.  December 10th if I recall correctly. Notice the snowman is wearing the Sounders’ colors. [Snowman’s remnants are still gracing the front yard, and it really has not snowed since.]

We managed to finish the traditional Christmas Eve chores* on the 23rd, so today is free. 

*Standing in line at Larsen’s Bakery and the Honey Baked Ham store. About 100 in line in front of us. In the picture below we were still outside, with a light rain/snow mix.

Rey will be making Sausage balls later for our visit to the Shannon’s.  He said no Tennessee party is complete without them. 

Merry Christmas Eve 

3 Responses to “Holidays ”

  1. margiegf Says:

    You’re right; it’s all about the people and not so much the holidays. It looks like you had/are having some fun adventures. Do I see the Star Trek exhibit? (the Gorn?)

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Love the pictures! How did the sausage balls turn out?

    • raincharm Says:

      The sausage balls were a hit, and a few left over that provided snacking for the next few days. And the ground pork that we bought by mistake (instead of ground sausage) has now been made part of stuffed peppers that were a hit for me. Today’s goal is to make split pea soup from the ham bone. [Is there a piggy theme here?]

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