And the Season Turns

I was a few minutes late this morning.
I had gotten up on time, washed my hair, got dressed, packed my lunch (prepared by Carl), poured a travel cup of coffee, and headed out to the car to pick up my carpooler.

But as I turned on the windshield wipers to clear the window I heard the unmistakable sound of sckrrrrch. Frost on the pumpkin windshield.

The minutes it took to scrape off the ice and let the interior de-fog, were the minutes I was late.

On a further update from Rey – he now has power AND internet.
He continues to work in the Townsend section of the park, at least for this week.
His normal place of work is in the Twin Creeks area. It appears the building survived, but the fire was all around and they have to make sure utilities are in working order (electrical/water/etc).

One Response to “And the Season Turns”

  1. margiegf Says:

    We’re going to get more frost, ice and snow next week. Prepare yourself!

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