catching up

The title about sums up the last week. Catching up at work, at home, with friends, on bills…

And there is a new editor for the mobile blog app. That will be my excuse for anything going wrong.

I have decided to just look at pictures on the phone since my last post and try to provide a brief comment.

Okay. The first thing that went wrong was trying to add a picture and choosing the incorrect icon.

 Well, that took way to long to figure out. This was not too far from our hotel, in Bronzeville. It is a statue commemorating the migration of African-American’s to Chicago. The surface is done with representations of shoe soles. 

Back in Seattle. A whirlwind day at work followed by Pride weekend. The Sounders embraced the theme, and so did Carl.

He improved the hat wig configuration after this picture.

Next up was the last Seattle Men’s and Women’s Chorus concert conducted by Dennis Coleman. After 35 years at the helm.

The mariners were on tap for the next day, although we did not stay for the entire game because Carl had a game with his Silver Foxes.

Yes, this game was against the Cardinals, and he is wearing red. But the front says Mariners. This particular game went to the Cardinals, but the Mariners took the series. The most exciting moment was a walk off home run on Friday night.

And I finally got a picture of the bridge that was and is no longer a bridge.

I don’t get to sleep at work, but others do nap.

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