bridge be gone

So – I thought this had posted several days ago, but it did not. I discovered this on Rey’s birthday, and while it has a picture of Rey I did not want to double post on that day. So here it is.

I did not get a picture of the missing bridge section as we passed by on the new 520 bridge. In fact it reminded me of a family story where parents are trying to point out an elephant in the zoo to a very young child who will only look at the end of the pointing finger.

In response to, “look, look, look,” I was looking for a bird. Most likely an eagle being pointed out, and almost missed what wasn’t there any more.

I realize now I have not reported on the last bit of our vacation. I don’t think I really recovered until the end of this weekend, and it is a short week again, so running to get my feet under me at work.

Back to our vacation.

After graduating the boy, hugging the girl goodbye and vanquishing the powderpost beetles (we hope) it was time to move south again.
Lunch on the beach. We left on a beach day. Hardly fair.
Because it’s there.

Visiting with mom and dad, breakfast with sibling and cousins and we headed further south. Oh yeah, the exploding window.
I guess it didn’t really explode so much as popped and then continued to spit glass bits around every time it was jostled. And we discovered my parents have 5 different vacuum cleaners.

Met up with a childhood friend/neighbor of Carl’s, now living in Dayton. Good talks and he shared some old pictures of the neighborhood gang.

A short stay but fun. And then we roused Rey in the wee hours to take us to the Dayton airport. By the way, the Dayton airport is one of the nicest I have been in recently.
A Russian cargo plane on the tarmac.
The solar plane flying around the world was also outside the window, but underneath a tent type structure. (How does it get the sun under a tent?)

What I have not reported on here yet are the baseball games scattered throughout the trip.

Detroit tigers: Carl, Rey and Liz (one of the cousins, and one of the cousins Liz). I’m not sure how that game was, but I know Carl enjoyed the chance to chat with Liz again. And it was Polish night, with polkas.

Mariners and Reds, in Cincinnati. With Carl’s childhood friend, his wife and two sons. Felix Hernandez pitched for the Mariners and the Ms prevailed. A nice park. Rey caught a batting practice home run ball. He barely had to move, and I didn’t try to steal it from him. (He also went the next day after dropping us at the airport and spending some time at the Cincinnati Art Museum.)

Dinner with Carl’s friends at a place called Merinos (I think). Good food and a chance to relive more of the days adventures in Ohio.


Carl is second from the right, and brother Bruce is third from the left.

After we returned to Seattle we spent the afternoon drifting between naps and unpacking. And Monday it was back into the grind. I guess it’s good to be missed, but I wish they didn’t miss me so much.

And the Ms were back in town so we had plenty to occupy ourselves in the evenings.
Silly hats all over the place.

This included at least one walk downtown. And Carl caught a home run in Tuesday’s game. It was from the other team, but the score was 16-3 in favor of the Mariners at the time, so it was okay.

Realizing he has the baseball.
Chuck describing the finer points of the home run that he would have caught if he hadn’t been using a catcher’s mitt.

Enough for now. Good night.

One Response to “bridge be gone”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Vacuum cleaners, lemme see, can I beat Bugs and Horsey?

    1) Big upright Hoover w/ tornado pic on front
    2) Ancient Electrolux canister from Don’s old doc office
    3) Roooooomba
    4) Shop vac

    Use ’em all but can’t beat B&H.

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