Blue Jays and Hooked Rugs

Since we are sort of on vacation, we started the day with a trip to Paradise. Paradise, Michigan that is, for breakfast. Then it was on to Whitefish Point. Rey got to talk with a few friends from his internship last year, and we got to wander the exhibits and the beach.


The biggest excitement this visit was the hundreds of blue jays that we saw. Apparently they are waiting for a slightly warmer wind to welcome them to Canada. This area provides the shortest lake crossing, so they are hanging out waiting for a weather window. It was remarkable to see this many together at one time. Here is one that sort of held still for me.


Since we are sort of here on task we also spent a good part of the day doing some additional packing and moving, sweeping and covering areas with plastic. We also removed all of the wall art. All of it.

Including the two hooked rugs that have graced the walls since before I was born. I need to get more information from Mom on their origin.

Now that they are down I am of the opinion that we should figure out how to gently remove dust and dirt, and then have them protectively framed for continued display. More to be learned about how this should be accomplished.

This one hung over the fireplace and the colors are only slightly faded.


And now the reverse view


The hanging from the wall near the kitchen has some serious color changes.


Dramatic changes


Tomorrow we will complete the move out, including ourselves, at least for the daytime.

And then of course, there will be the move back in.

5 Responses to “Blue Jays and Hooked Rugs”

  1. jane Says:

    interesting that there’s so much fading since there’s not much light in the ‘pretty good’ room. maybe a two sided glass frame?

  2. kayak woman Says:

    The blue jays are interesting. A fb friend in Paradise posted pics of them in his yard. I wonder if Paulette might know of some rug preservation since she is involved in rug hooking and that community. Maybe you’ve already thought of that 🙂

    • raincharm Says:

      The rugs are currently in Paulette’s studio in flattened boxes. She is seeing a hooked rug expert in June, and will ask for advice on cleaning.

  3. RegenAxe Says:

    Mom said that Aunt Elizabeth bought the rugs from some Sugar Island Indians. They used to bring them over and sell them near the Power Plant. I think Elizabeth was working there at the time.

    There is a monthly luncheon of the Sugar Island Historical Society. Maybe we could go there in July, if it’s in your time frame. Mark and I were riding our bikes on S.I. and had stopped under the shade trees at the front of the community center, and asked someone about the event.


    • raincharm Says:

      Great information Pooh. We should try and connect with them. Paulette thought the cleaning should be very minimal – like gentle air and feathery brushing.

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