Moving North

Just entered Kentucky.
On our way from Tennessee to Michigan.

Today will be the lp, although I have never heard it referred to as such. (Lower peninsula).

We have been having some good family time. Graduation of course, a UT baseball game and a Smokies game last night. (Cubs AA team). Some good barbecue restaurants too. A bit of home cooking by Carl, and most importantly – cupcakes.


Rey’s Information Sciences graduating class of 2016. Rey is 5th from the right in the middle row.


My one attempt at a picture, an action shot.


Post ceremony, pre-dinner, courtesy of photographer Mark.

Pooh and Mark joined Ashlan, Rey, Carl and me for the aforementioned festivities. It is so nice to have family together. Pooh and Mark drove over from St. Louis. (And brought the cupcake pan.) Ashlan flew in from New York, with the most eventful trip due to delays arriving into Charlotte where she had to connect to a flight to Knoxville. Late leaving NYC, holding pattern over Charlotte, and then no ground crew to unboard the plane. We were actually contemplating a 90 minute drive to pick her up in Chattanooga or Tri City, TN. As it turns out her connecting flight was also delayed and she is a fast runner.

The return flight was looking as though it could be a repeat in reverse. They called her a few hours before the scheduled departure to tell her about a delay, that would have messed with her connection. Later flights didn’t work unless it was so late it was the next day. Luckily she asked about earlier flights since we were quite close to the airport. And they had very limited seats on the connecting flight to NYC, so she had to sit in FIRST CLASS!

Tonight we will get to see a different sister and parents, and then it will be on to cousin land, with possible snow. (I think the snow will have passed, but they did have some traces overnight.)


Rey, Carl and Evan at the Smokies game. Barbecue bacon grilled cheese sandwich, green goat salad and kettle corn.


Barge on the Tennessee river at the Ijams Nature Preserve. We took a one mile hike along the river and up over some homemade staircases and a tower trail.

Moving to the driver’s seat.

3 Responses to “Moving North”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Forecast at the beach does indeed look warmer. Wish I was still there. And some call the “LP” “Troll Land” 😉 (Trollandia?)

  2. Margaret Says:

    It looks like a wonderful visit and time, although your Ashlan’s flying woes made me nervous for my flight to LAX on Memorial Day weekend. (to visit Ashley) I have such a limited window of time.

    • raincharm Says:

      It helped that Ashlan signed up for phone notification so she could arrange alternative flights quickly

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