What day is it now?

I just checked out my last post, from last week. My last weekend goals? None achieved. Just move them forward to this weekend.

I ended up working both days last weekend and on into this week. I had my 40 hours in by Tuesday. But I was ready for a meeting and sent a database out to a consultant. I have realized that many of my work priorities are based on not holding up somebody else’s schedule.

This weekend will not be spent at work. And I left relatively on time the last few days.

The late afternoons have been noticeably lighter. Spring is on the way!

Without really believing the last statement, it has provided a boost to get home and out of doors. Of course, by the time I get home it is dark. But we did take walks the last two evenings. Wednesday we headed to a hair cut joint, but there was a long wait, so we just walked home. Yesterday we headed to Rositas, a Mexican restaurant near Green Lake and had dinner.

And if any of you read the NY Times a few days ago, there was an Erin Brochavich (sp?) type story out of West Virginia and Ohio. The story referenced a city where we provide water to a small portion of the city. It generated a few calls. Waiting to see if this blows up.

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