Griffey Wednesday

Many years we hem and haw about taking Christmas and holiday decorations down. This year the timing of the long weekend and garbage/yard waste/recycle day helped our decision. But another big influence was the pending announcement of Ken Griffey Jr’s election to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Carl is a shrine Zen master, and the mantle is never clear for long.


Zoom in to find your favorite bits. Bumper stickers to squeeze cheese. I don’t know whether we still have the chocolate bar wrappers. The chocolate disintegrated years ago.


Our HOF vacation planning has already begun. A few months ago. To get a hotel room for the HOF weekend is helped by forward planning. We are a few miles out of town.

We are also still on a waiting list for a room in Cooperstown. This particular proprietor does not take reservations until the elections are announced. He is a character, apparently. Recommended to us by a friend who is also a character. I checked his reviews and they are pretty consistently low, with details provided. I guess if you know what you’re getting.

This next picture is for Ashlan, who did not see the Mountain while she was home.


The Mountain is out. (Local parlance.)

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