Bailey’s Crossroads

I don’t think I have ever been to Bailey’s Crossroads.
It is probably not Bailey Park (It’s a Wonderful Life) but maybe.

Wherever – it is in the eastern time zone.

I had a really busy week this week. Starting with the Sunday after Thanksgiving, work has been fairly constant. Two meetings with outside agencies. One had an incredibly positive outcome (but means even more work), and the other had at least a partial negative outcome (which probably means slightly less work). And there was an evening neighborhood (work) meeting with five well-heeled property owners. They put on quite a spread. Of course I could not partake because I was talking the entire time. But they had good questions, and we will find out whether this group will want to go further with our agency. Meetings that can go either way are generally less tense – they are making the decisions, and that is just fine with us. But the meeting meant not getting home until after 10 PM.

And now we have 5 house guests for the weekend. They are all out playing now, hopefully have made it to the Seattle Center. 2 adults (grandparents) and 3 kids – pre-teen to teenager – with all of the energy and emotions associated with those ages. Their primary goal for the weekend was the Dr. Who exhibit at the Experience Music Project (EMP).

And underneath it all I have a cold. Today is the day I would want to curl up on the couch and sleep through some games/movies/whatever is on. So instead we went out to a few local art venues – museum based and local artist based. Probably good to get out for a bit, but our original plan to walk everywhere was shelved by the cold accompanied by a very steady rain. Call me a wimp. I think it will be the better decision in the long run.

Back to the situation that I blame for sinking into the cold. Usually I can power through the cold, but I was having an emotional response to not being able to troubleshoot my phone.  It sapped the extra energy I would usually have in store to stave off illness.

Here is a You tube video – Bailey’s Crossroads or Seattle? so you can see what I was dealing with. And the snip. Look closely. It say’s Bailey’s Crossroads and 9:50 AM. It is really – Seattle and 6:50 AM.

baileys crossroads snip

The key is the time zone change. I might not have noticed a wrong location on the west coast. But my alarm went off at 2:45 AM local time, and not at 5:45 local time. Apparently I shut it off earlier, and did not really wake up enough to realize the problem. [Day two I set two alarms, not knowing what would happen.]

If I went to maps it would show my location near something called Lee’s Pike Plaza (it’s in Virginia). After 10-20 seconds the gps would take over, and move into Seattle – and the time would change. And then it would bounce back to Bailey’s Crossroads. When I left the house it would return to Seattle, or Sammamish, or some other appropriate location.

I spent at least 3 hours total with Verizon help folks on the phone (a landline – so I could work on my cell phone).  We tried changing settings, clearing cache, and on and on and on. Finally I had to load everything up to the cloud and completely reset my phone. This included updating all apps, then deleting all apps that had been added – and the apps that had been updated appear to be back to the pre-update form. … My frustration was highest with the fact that nobody seemed to know why. “A software glitch.”

Now – in Verizon’s help folks favor, they did not try to get rid of me, and one called me back on 2 days after the initial conversation, to see how the problem was resolving.

And I have not taken to resetting Carl’s phone. It would also show Bailey’s Crossroads, but the time never changed. And now it is showing Seattle.

I am all about leaving things alone for right now – I just don’t have the energy.

Speaking of energy – Carl has been busy putting up Christmas stuff. I am supposed to be adding lights, etc … we will see whether that actually happens today.


2 Responses to “Bailey’s Crossroads”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    I’ve been adding Airborne to my morning routine when I feel on the verge or in the grips of a cold.

  2. jane Says:

    I have not been to Bailey’s Crossroads, but Borders had a store there. 😉

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