First frost of the season on Monday.


A bit of a surprise when I walked out the front door to go to work. In addition to scraping the windows I had to wait for the fog on the interior of the car to dissipate.

It has since warmed slightly and turned to rain and wind. I don’t think we actually lost power at work today, but some of our facilities did.

Click to view video.

You can see the smaller trees moving outside the window, but the more impressive show is the tall trees to the left. They were swaying at least 20 feet.

Trees down here and there made getting around interesting. Of course I was sequestered in a series of meetings and not allowed to try getting around.

When I finally left, I was stunned. No wind at all. Just the rain.
And even the rain has subsided for the evening. A beautiful moon now dominates. Or it did until it got too low to see well.


Yes. That spot shows the lack of clouds.

I admit I am tired.
So you will have to be satisfied with this weather report.

2 Responses to “Weather”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    I have had one morning of frost so far. I didn’t scrape, I egregiously idled. 58 degrees this morning, a far cry from last year at this time when I was navigating the streets in YakTrax.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Yesterday was crazy! I’m normally not out of power, but a tree came down close to where I live so it was two hours. And I couldn’t get into my house! (stupid) I hope we don’t have too many more of these wind storms. They are bad for my blood pressure.

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