Eastward Bound

Off to spend a few days with Bob, Carl’s father in Ft. Collins. We were transported to the airport in style by Chauffeur Mark. Got us there in plenty of time.
We had decided to go with carry-on luggage, even though we could check bags for free. This was due to a relatively short time to get our bags and make the 8PM shuttle. (The next shuttle would be at 9.)
It looked like our plane was going to be populated by giggling teenagers. A volleyball team and an orchestral group. Of course this was flight one, to Sacramento. About a 1+ hour layover.
Then I noticed a half hour delay. Still manageable. Then it stretched to1-1/2 hours, and we would be out of luck. So I stretched my legs over to customer service. As it turned out, a direct flight to Denver had also been delayed, and there was room for two more.
So, due to our delay, we arrived 2 hours early.
And we should get to check in with Bob tonight.

Now for news of a more mundane sort. Carl can be seen in a scene from Wednesday’s Mariner win. This is from the Seattle Times I believe.


If you can enlarge this, check out Carl’s expression.


You can see a bit of Pooh’s quilt work on the rail. Bonus question – what flag is next to the quilt.
I am there as well, but obscured by Kevin.
All for now. Hard to type on a phone in a jiggling shuttle.

4 Responses to “Eastward Bound”

  1. jane Says:

    what’s the significance of Pooh’s quilt square? also – that is clearly an earth day flag. I wish I could find my old old earth day pin.

  2. raincharm Says:

    It is a compass rose, part of the mariner logo

  3. margiegf Says:

    Glad you were creative about your flights and Carl’s expression is priceless. I can enlarge the photo a bit, but not a lot. 🙂

  4. RegenAxe Says:

    I showed this to Mark when he got home from work yesterday. Me: “My quilt went to the baseball game!” Mark: “Hey, there’s the Boeing sign!” We all see first what we are most connected to.
    (And yes, a preposition is what I ended that sentence with.)

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